Best Tips On How To Deep Clean A Couch

Your furniture models your house. Keeping your furniture clean is a crucial task. Your couches take a lot of abuse as you eat dinners and watch movies together on the couch. We all do it. Therefore, couches are prone to absorbing liquids, food odors, and even body oils. Even animals love the couch. House animals spend most of their time on couches. Besides, watching movies is more fun when you are on your couch snuggled up with your Fido.

Cleaning a couch is a very challenging job, and most people find it very time-consuming. People also fear that doing the cleaning on their own will ruin their couches. You can save yourself from all these hassles just by taking some precautionary steps. If you clean your couch at home, it can save you a lot of money.

Reading The Important Instructions

Reading instructions is very important when using a product and are there to help you. Just like every other product, couches also come with instructions that will tell you how to clean them. Before you learn how to deep clean a couch, here are some codes that should help you clean your couch without destroying it.

  • S – Clean with dry cleaner detergent

  • X – No water, vacuum only

  • W – Water can be used while cleaning

  • WS – Mild detergent or Dry cleaning detergent with Steam vacuum

Starting The Cleaning Process

How to deep clean a couch

First, gather your tools and supplies for starting the cleaning process.

The Must Haves

  • Baking Soda

  • Vinegar

  • Vacuum

  • Bristle Brush

  • Lightly warm water

  • Castille soap

Optional Items You Might Need

  • Carpet Upholstery Cleaner

  • Empty Spray Bottle

  • Bugs Spray

  • Disinfectant Wipes

  • Spot Cleaner

  • Carpet Extractor

First Step

First, you vacuum the entire couch and pick up all the dirt, crumbs, bugs, and pests. Make sure to clean as thoroughly as possible. Keep a close eye on cleaning the bugs from the couch through and through. If you feel the need to vacuum multiple times, go for it. Make sure your couch is extraordinarily clean and then proceed to the next step.

Second Step

In this step, you will wipe your couch with some detergent. Clean the areas that are not covered with fabric. Make sure that you use a detergent that does not have bleach in its ingredients. If the disinfectant has any bleach content, the wood or other non-fabric parts may be damaged. In this step, you don't need to worry about sanitizing the whole couch. You will do that in the next steps.

Third Step

How to Deep Clean a Couch

Use a bug spray for your couch and leave it in a well-ventilated area for a whole day (24 hours). Make sure you spray the couch in every nook and cranny. Also, make sure you buy an all-purpose bug spray that keeps off pests and insects from the couch. The spray will even kill pests that have already made your couch their abode.

Note: If you are a pet owner, make sure that the bug’s spray is pet-friendly.

Forth Step

In this step, you will take a generous amount of baking soda and spread it around the fabric part of the couch with a bristle brush. Conduct a patch test to see if the baking soda lightens the fabric color.

Layer the baking soda onto the couch and leave it on for a few hours. You can vacuum it later. Baking soda helps suck out the moisture and funny odors. This step will leave you with an odorless and moisture-free couch.

Fifth Step

How to Deep Clean a Couch

If your couch has a terrible smell, you can go ahead and spray it with a vinegar soap solution. You can make this with one cup of water and ¼ cup of vinegar and a tablespoon of Castile soap. You will have to spray or brush the stained area of the couch and rub it with a soft-bristled brush and remove the stain. You should make that the fabric can take the scrubbing by conducting a patch test.

Sixth Step

Rent a carpet extractor to remove extremely stubborn stains from your couch. For removing crayon stains, you can use a rag and rub the stain with WD40. For ink stains, you can rub alcohol with a cotton ball. For iron rust stains, you can use a solution made with lemons, dish soap, ammonia, and some salt. It can effectively remove iron rust stains from the couch.


Stain removing is a trial and error process. You have to be patient. You should know the perfect techniques to deal with your furniture type.

Now you know how to deep clean a couch with the steps stated above. It is quite an inexpensive process. Most of the ingredients required in the process are very easily available, and most households already have these products.

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