Clean, DISINFECT, & SANItizing service

Keep your family safer. 

We want to assist in keeping your home safe. This service is a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of areas around your home that are prone to bacterial growth. Our goal is to meticulously disinfect areas such as, behind the toilet, under/behind the fridge, and more. We’ll also give extra attention to sanitizing high contact surfaces. Our team is trained and prepared with the appropriate chemical solutions to clean, disinfect, and sanitize. We will maintain the dignity of each surface (hard and soft surfaces) all while alleviating the area of infectious pathogens.

Our process includes three steps:

  1.  Clean (scrub surfaces, rinse, dry)

  2. Disinfect (with bleach solution)

  3.  Sanitize (70%+ alcohol solution)
Sanitation & Disinfection

In addition to the regular cleaning we disinfect and sanitize high contact surfaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, keyboards, furniture handles, and more. All Bright Maids is certified by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) and has redesigned this service around CDC guidelines to combat COVID-19. 

  • Our process includes three steps:​

    • ​Clean (scrub surfaces, rinse, dry)

    • Disinfect (with bleach solution)

    • Sanitize (70%+ alcohol solution)


All Bright Maids is certified by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) and has redesigned this service around CDC guidelines to combat COVID-19. ​​Per the GBAC Handbook, individuals that finish the GABC Forensic Restoration Training and obtain a GABC Professional Certification demonstrate knowledge and competence in the identification, evaluation, reduction, and elimination of biological threats, leading to recovery.

What & Where we clean Disinfect & Sanitize


  • Light fixtures cleaned (height restrictions apply)

  • Ceiling fans: clean/degrease blades

  • Cabinets:  fronts wiped clean

  • Refrigerator: Top, bottom grills, behind (when it can be moved)

  • Stovetop: Grills, drip-pans,  under covers

  • Stove Hood: filters

  • Countertops and splashes: degrease and detail under appliances 

  • Microwave: Detail interior and exterior

  • Dishwasher: door

  • Sink and faucets: scrub, detail, and polish

  • Floors: scrubbed, rinsed and dried


  • Tub/shower stall scrubbed, detailed cleaned

  • Toilet: Detailed cleaned inside and out (paying attention to the bottom and behind the base)

  • Counters & Backsplash

  • Sinks and faucets cleaned: Scrub, detail, and polish

  • Mirrors cleaned to a streak-free reflection

  • Entire Cabinet facings wiped clean

  • Floors: Scrubbed, mopped, and dried.

  • Trim work and baseboards  wiped clean


  • All surfaces and furniture dusted and disinfected 

  • Window treatments, ledges, and sills are dusted/wiped clean

  • Home decor is dusted

  • ​Light fixtures and lampshades are dusted

  • Ceiling fan blades: wiped clean (height restrictions apply)

  • Light switch plates cleaned

  • All interior doors and woodwork wiped clean

  • Floors swept/vacuumed/mopped and dry as required.

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If you aren't 100% satisfied, call us within 24 hours. We'll come back and re-clean the items in question free of charge.


All of our insured and bonded maids undergo extensive background checks, in-depth personal interviews and professional training.


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